A Fedora COPR repository for Audio creation




Description link
Some slides related to ALSA Modular Synth PDF, ODP
Some ideas of exercices PDF, ODP
Some slides for Guitarix PDF, ODP
A rapid history of Linux PDF, ODP
Hydrogen, the drum sequencer PDF, ODP
Various things Linux related PDF, ODP
An introduction to Linux an Audio PDF, ODP
A descriptions of important synthetizers PDF, ODP
LMMS, the Linux Multi Media Studio PDF, ODP
MuseScore, the score editor / player PDF, ODP
Linux and the audio plugins PDF, ODP
QJackCtl, the Jack interface PDF, ODP
A DAW: QTractor PDF, ODP
A real looper for Linux PDF, ODP
A sequencer for GuitarPro scores PDF, ODP
The real power of Modular synths PDF, ODP
A new approach to Modular synth: BespokeSynth PDF, ODP

And some various files on some interest for Audio and Linux: ZIP

Another file: ZIP

Build / Packaging

Description link
CMake tutorial PDF, ODP
DEB packaging tutorial PDF, ODP
RPM packaging tutorial PDF, ODP

Resources for the CMake tutotial: ZIP Resources for the RPM tutotial: ZIP